Salt lamp '' Himalaya '' with wooden base (2 to 4 Kg)

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Salt lamp '' Himalaya '' with wooden base (2 to 4 Kg)
Atmosphere in your home by '' Himalaya '' Salt crystal lighting. (A quality, Beautiful in color).

By heating the salt crystal, ions are released that work positively on your living environment, salt lamp lighting gives a positive energy. The energy in the house becomes softer and is clearly improving. This lighting is also very suitable for the bedroom, ensures a better sleep. suitable for the nursery, children are very sensitive to energy and can be very intuitive. It is advisable to switch on the lighting in the bedroom half an hour in advance and when the child goes to sleep it can also function as a night light. This is not a panacea but it may help to make your child sleep better. Salt lamps are a natural air purifier, purifies the air Works relaxing, soothing and reduced stress Can also help to prevent some allergy problems. Salt lamp '' Himalayas '' with wooden base (2 to 4 Kg) Comes complete with a white cord and a 15 watt light (Weight between 2 and 4 kg) size: approximately 17 cm high, 12 cm wide Note: The delivered copy may differ with the picture shown, the is a real natural product, colors can be lighter or darker and the size may vary slightly.