Sai Baba incense (HEM)

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Sai Baba incense sticks (HEM)
A strong scent of wood with a touch of sweetness.

His devotees soon began to call him Sathya Sai Baba. Sathya, his former call sign, means 'truth' and Sai Baba means 'divine mother and father'.
you use this incense to pray with, for strength and love. If you want to remember people or animals, this is the right incense.

Just as sweetness can not be understood only by words but must be experienced by taste, the appearance of Sai Baba can not be captured in words only; we can only know him by living according to his teachings and discovering our own truth.

That is the deeper message of the mission for which he has incarnated, namely that God appears among men in order to remind people of their divinity.

Sai Baba incense (HEM)
From: Bangalore (India)
from: HEM corporation
Contents: 20 sticks.