Madre Maria incense (HEM) 6 packs

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Madre Maria incense sticks (HEM) 6 packs
Helps you with problems in the field of love and jealousy.

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Madre Maria helps you with: Problems in the field of love and jealousy, If you are in spiritual need, If you need strength and energy. For spiritual help from mother Mary. Through this incense she can offer help for your soul and also your energy is balanced.

This incense gives you a feeling of love and a good balance in it.

Mother Mary incense gives you the appreciation in what you want to do or achieve in life, she helps you and will stand next to you.

Madre Maria incense (HEM)
From: Bangalore (India)
from: HEM corporation
Contents: 6 packs of 20 sticks per box (120 sticks).

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