Californian White sage incense 15gr (Green tree)

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White Sage is a wonderful cleansing incense fragrance made according to the traditional masala method. The smell comes from the natural ingredients that are used. This incense is used, among other things, for cleaning the aura, chakras and spaces.

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White sage / white sage also called Indian incense is used, among other things, to clean the aura, chakras and spaces. Sage in one of the most sacred Herbs for the indigenous people of North America. The burning incense sage (sage) is used in an energy cleansing ritual better known as cleaning.

In theory, this means that the incense smoke attaches itself to the negative energy in the aura or the chakras and cleans it so that it becomes positive energy.

Californian White sage incense of the brand Green tree

The finest herbs, flower extracts, exotic oils and other natural ingredients. Like herbs, resins and Indian spices (masala) these are carefully selected and expertly mixed for their positive influence. An exceptional incense that is the product of the special art of traditional Indian incense making.

Discover the fragrance of the Californian White Sage Premium masala incense.

This incense is characteristic for its hand-rolled masala quality, no toxic files have been added. There are no child hands (child labor) involved, No animal additions. This incense has only natural additions.

Californian White sage incense (Green tree)
From: Bangalore (India)
from: Green Tree
Content: 15 gr.

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