palo santo fragrance oil

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palo santo fragrance oil (green tree) 10ml

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Delicious smelling fragrance oil from the famous brand Green tree. This one is known for its exclusive
scents of high quality. A feast of exotic aromas for those who need to
pamper their senses.

With a few drops you can create particularly atmospheric fragrance experiences in any desired room. Green Tree fragrance oil is also suitable for use in a meditation or yoga room.

For oil burners: 2-5 drops (mixed with water)
The oil + water in the dish heats up and evaporates through the candle. This will give you a tasty
odor in the vicinity of the aroma burner.

Palo Santo fragrance oil
Brand: Green Tree
Bottle content: 10 ml
With handy dripper
Suitable for use in oil burners, aroma diffuser and air purifiers.

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